The PGA Tour was founded in 1929 as the premier organizer of the main professional golf tours played primarily by men in the United States and North America.  The tournaments were designed in order to give professional golfers the chance to compete against other professionals, and the people that attended the tournaments did so for the chance to get to see their favorite players in action.

The tournaments have since grown to attract a wider range of attendees from younger, more casual thrill seekers that enjoy the overall experience, to older, more dedicated fans that attend to see the intricate details of their favorite sport up close and personal.


Push PGA Tour event attendees to download the PGA Tour app. 


Although the PGA Tour tournaments themselves have succeeded in attracting a wider range of attendees, the PGA Tour app has effectively remained the same over the years and doesn’t serve the needs of those who aren’t already dedicated fans of the sport.

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Transform the PGA Tour app into the new generations gateway to loving the game.


In-App Profiles

Personalized accounts are a way for the more casual attendees to better relate to the driving force behind dedicated fan attendance; the players. In order to make their profiles, attendees answer the typical demographic questions paired with seemingly random questions about their interests and values then matches the attendees to players who have these in common. In addition to enhancing engagement with the app, this also giving PGA Tour a pool of information about who’s attending their tournaments.

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Social Hub

The in-app Social Hub gives attendees a centralized location to engage with one another and provides PGA Tour with a real time monitor of activity and also allows for PGA Tour to determine where they can improve after tournaments.

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(Pressure Free) On-Site Activities

Including pressure free on-site activities during the tournaments allows attendees to participate in the sport in an inviting and light-hearted manner. These activities are exclusive to those who have downloaded the PGA Tour app.

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