My name is Beka.
(pronounced bay•kuh)

It means 'One Who Is Wise' in Amharic but if you ask me, 'One Who Spends Too Much Time On The Internet' is a more accurate descriptor.

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Forever passively searching for those who vibrate on the same chaotic frequency.

I don't believe finding what you love to do is the most important thing in your career. 
Regardless of the industry you're in.

I believe you should first prioritize finding who you truly love to work with and then your drive, happiness, and personal truth will naturally follow.


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My 3 🔑's

Empathy = Energy

I don't like to say I'm a "people person." I don't feel I am.
I instead like to describe myself as a person of empathy.
Small talk brings me no joy.
It's hearing what makes individuals tick, what gets them out of bed every day, and what they are most afraid of that drives me.
This affinity gives me the energy to dig deeper into my research but more importantly...
it keeps me curious.

Intention in Everything

I make it a point to give meaning to everything in my life.
Whether it's something as insignificant as what I'm eating for breakfast or something more meaningful like what car I'm going to purchase, every decision is made purposefully and with careful consideration.
I have found that if I actively make it a choice to definitively piece together all that is within my control...
then what is typically considered 'luck' and 'fate' become the byproduct of patience and prudence.

Overindulgence ---> Apathy

My mom always used to tell me that too much of anything is a bad thing.
As a kid, I never really understood how that could be true, but I see her wisdom now.
I tend to get bored very easily and I view it as a strength of mine. 
I use this boredom to push myself.
To break from my habits, to go bolder, to think through new eyes and try something different.
Because I now know that your comfort zone can be your cage...
and that there's a hair of a line between having it all and having it all mean nothing.