Adobe is one of the largest computer software companies in the world. They’ve built their business on creative software products but in more recent years have branched into digital marketing software. Their main revenue stream steams from their enterprise clientele who have used their creative software for years and are now slowly transitioning into using their digital marketing software as well.


Acquire and then use deep insights to improve and advance Adobes relationships with the leaders of their enterprise clientele.


Adobes enterprise clients are using both their creative suite and their newer marketing suite. However, the leaders of the departments that are using the creative suite and the leaders of the departments that are using the experience suite are two very different types of clients that have different goals and needs and thus require different methods of communication.

Key Insight

Creative leaders want to see their design-forward ideas advance their companies but have difficulty communicating the financial worth of their ideas to the more analytically-oriented marketing leaders.


Bridge this language barrier by providing a digital learning platform for creative decision makers to learn how to
speak the language of creative business;
the ability to effectively communicate the financial impact of design-forward decision making.
(through proven case studies, bite-sized terminology and relevant updates on a convenient, easy to use digital platform)

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